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Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Install win XP & 7 on the laptop and the PC Simultaneously

The latest laptops today have much in pairs with operating system Windows 7. In terms of performance and look of Windows 7 is worth thumbs up, not to mention the ease of operating it. But in terms of compatibility or support for old software, Windows 7 is often faced obstacles when the old software can not run smoothly can not even run at all on Windows 7. The best solution of the problem, maybe you plan to install Windows XP in addition to Windows 7 in the Laptop or the term Dual Boot between Windows 7 and Windows XP on your laptop. There are two ways to process this dual boot.

First, you install Windows XP first (ie on the C drive) after you install the new Windows 7 (Drive D). This way is highly recommended because later you will not find any problems in the Bootloader. You can copy files Installing Windows 7 to the Hard Drive and then perform the installation of Windows 7 straight from Windows XP to install the program as is usual. You just take it even though Windows 7 menreplace Windows XP bootloader, but at boot time, there will be two options namely the choice of Windows 7 or Earlier Version of Windows (Windows XP) Secondly, you install Windows XP after installing Windows 7. In this case it will certainly cause problems in the bootloader, where the Windows XP Bootloader mereplace Windows 7 and of course there is no option at boot option as it will go straight into Windows XP. To overcome such a time follow the simple steps below.
  • Do a Repair of Windows 7, boot your laptop using the DVD installation (flash) Windows 7, follow all the steps after the Install Now option (as shown below), you do not click Install Now, but choose "Repair Your Computer" follow the next steps to completion.
repair windows 7
  • Once Windows 7 you succeed in the repair, it is time to boot and get into Windows 7, after which you can use the program EasyBCD to configure and add a boot entry for Windows XP and Windows 7, but I do not have the program EasyBCD is maybe you can find it somewhere Another type in engine Goggle search and write a free download EasyBCD
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