Friday, August 19, 2011

Edit Vidio, Vidio cut, and connect

Okay here I also want to show two free applications are very simple and very simple to cut and bring together the video , because I've been looking for this aplikasi2 to the video on hapeku and meet new kemarin2 via google on a blog, but sorry I forgot to mention his blog. For more details on the clay below:

  1. MediaJoin (to unify the video)
    The application is very simple and very simple, just click the Add! then Ctrl + A all the video cut? click OK? and the corresponding video rapihkan where the first dllnya? then click the Join button? and name the file? then click OK? and click OK again, please wait. >> DOWNLOAD HERE

  2. AVI / MPEG / RM / WMV Splitter v4.28 (to cut the video)
    even this same application, so simple and simple, just click the Open? and find the video you want to cut? then click pindakan the bar in accordance with the video you want to cut? and click the "{" to start cutting the first and click the "}" for the final cut? then click the Split button starts the process of cutting your video. >> DOWNLOAD HERE

this software is software that quite fast video peotong his performance so wait no
longer download now Boilsoft V ideo Splitter 5:16

Download Boilsoft V ideo Splitter 5:16

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