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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to make comments via facebook in blog

Visit the Facebook Developer , then please make the application. There we will be required to fill out the form provided. For URLs to comment on fill in the URL of your blog. As for Number of posts it is the number of comments that will appear, please adjust as needed. To Width is the width of the comment box, please adjust the template buddy.

Once everything is in the set as needed, press Get code will display a code that is ready to put in your blog. Now step installation on our blog. 1. Log in to your blog. 2. Choose a design and edit the HTML 3. Expand Widget Templates 4. Download full template to avoid any mistakes. 5. Search codes

6. If you already use read more, then there are two, Select the second code.
7. After that plug the codes facebook comments earlier in the Lower
8. In order to facebook comment does not appear on the home page and only appear in the posts, add like the code below.