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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

how to create MP3 live in your blog or website

This is for my friend who listened to the song hobby : Kr , or who want to have a blog about the song, or who wrote that wanted to put his favorite songs posted on the blog, so that visitors can listen to songs of your collection, to make it happen can use the following simple ways: First way >> Using the script Google Reader MP3 Player ( This service is owned by Google, pal, so do not ask about the performance ... definitely could've, could diandelin who of course) the script:

: Whistle

Both ways>> Or it could also use its GMail ( : Ngacir2Google hers again, my friend)

You should know:
note1: Replace the text ALAMAT_URL_FILE_MP3_Anda is your MP3 URL >> with the url address [http:// ...] where the mp3 song files are stored (but remember, his songs do not store the data is uploaded on a free service such as 4shared, Ziddu, Rapidshare, etc., because they can not access the file directly - [there is a kind of ad / timernya] -)
note 2: If you would like posted on the blog / web, copy paste the script code directly above, and once again do not forget to change the url address of your mp3 songs Oy, my friend would do what it will be curious, here's an example: Note: *) songs recorded in: And this is the original form of the above script mp3 player :

Hopefully helpful, Buddy
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I was still looking for his way blum krna I could pal ........
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